In fact, the economy is considered to be very important for the life of the people in that country because a good economy will lead to good quality as well, but of course, the house in the current social situation in our country has The economic conditions are very bad, but the prices or things that are necessities are more expensive compared to the minimum wage that we have been continuously increasing the price has created. The impact is broad for farmers or people with low incomes or that the minimum income is very much, of course, the higher the price of gasoline, which makes road users suffer. And the more people who use the car to commute to work, or even entrepreneurs, or even those who transport things, are affected a lot as we know that. In our home, when the price of something goes up, it will never go back down or the car comes down at all, because an exploitative and selfish society is an opportunistic society, if things go up and the price goes up There will never be a day to come back down to us that we are sure or comfortable because we should will fall into the same conditions even if the economy is improving

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